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What People Are Saying

Here’s what people are saying about The Bored Game backpack version:

“I love that all 3 of my girls can share this =)”

“I love that many of the activities are physical and get kids moving!”

“My favorite part of the Bored Game is that it is all packaged together in such a cute little drawstring bag!”

“I love how portable it is-packed with games for all ages!”

“I love that it comes with things to do on sunny or rainy days. Thanks!”

“I like that you spin & the game decides what game or activity you do…my kids are indecisive!”

“I love that my children will neeevver get bored with all the activities!”

Here’s what people are saying about our apps!

The Bored Game
“My kids love this game (as do I) and glad they’re thinking and using their imaginations too!”

cootie catcher is my daughter’s favorite!
“My daughter’s favorite is cootie catcher with sign language coming in a close second! She just turned 6 and needs help reading some of the instructions, but the activities with pictures are really helpful and she loves spinning the spinner over and over trying to land on cootie catcher.”

“This game is great for the kids dosent make mess I loved it”

Awesome game- my kids loves it!!!
“Superfun game for the whole family!! What a fun game!!”